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Accounting Services

Providing Effective Accounting in Kerrville

business team working together in officeWhen you come to Douville Goldman & Herod PLLC with your accounting needs, we address your situation with the utmost precision and care. Using the most advanced accounting software and helping you set up a system designed to benefit you, we help keep your data organized and accessible. Our team is invested in your success and wants to see you grow and succeed.

We take pride in assisting the residents and small businesses of the Texas Hill Country, including Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Comfort, Boerne, and the greater San Antonio area with their accounting and tax needs. Our services can be provided in person, via a virtual meeting, or over the phone to best support you. We look forward to working with you! Get in touch with us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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Meeting Your Needs with Online Accounting

Modern accounting has come a long way, and we are proud to use the most advanced accounting platforms to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for full-service accounting or simply need help with aspects such as payroll or invoices, our friendly team can assist you.

We can implement a new accounting system for you and show you how to use it to best benefit you. When you take advantage of our years of experience, you learn how to maximize the technology at your disposal to optimize your operating procedures, cut overhead costs, and easily track net revenue.

Using Xero™ Software to Support Your Business

business owner working with laptop and spreadsheetsXero's accounting software is affordable and simple to use in the workplace. The developers designed this system with small business owners in mind, making it easy to download and master. With Xero cloud accounting, all your data is accessible from any place that has an Internet connection. Not only is your data securely encrypted, but you can check your finances in real time from almost anywhere in the world.

When you choose to install Xero's software, we can teach you how to send invoices and quotes, reconcile bank transactions, capture bills and receipts, and track projects. Our on-staff Xero Advisor is thoroughly trained in this system. We can help you with installation, walk you through Xero's advanced features, and answer any questions that come up regarding your cloud accounting setup.

QuickBooks® for Quick, Easy Accounting

QuickBooks is incredibly popular and has a reputation for reliability and ease of access. Our friendly QuickBooks ProAdvisor is equipped to assist you with the online or desktop version of QuickBooks, depending on your preferences and the software your company currently uses.

If you choose to use QuickBooks's version of cloud accounting, your data is securely encrypted, so you don't need to fear data leaks. Our accountant in Kerrville helps you get QuickBooks up and running or walks you through the system's advanced features if you already use the software. Advanced features such as professional estimates, enhanced custom fields, and custom invoices allow you to run your business smoothly and productively. We can also sync your accounts, so that bank and credit card statements are easily integrated.

Choosing QuickBooks allows us to assist you with:

  • Organizing receipts
  • Analyzing your tax requirements
  • Invoicing and accepting payments
  • Tracking your expenses and revenue
  • And much more!

What Accounting System is Best for Me?

businessman working with tabletPerhaps you're struggling to decide between purchasing Xero or QuickBooks, or you don't know where to begin when it comes to online accounting. Even industry experts can find it difficult to choose which software is best, given their budget, business field, and system requirements. Our team has extensive experience working with most major accounting systems, and we are happy to help you implement the one that offers you the most benefits.

We want to support you and assist you in making the best possible choice for your situation. Our goal is to make your accounting more manageable, so you have more time to focus on your product, your employees, and your life outside of work. Douville Goldman & Herod PLLC is devoted to providing you with the tools to evolve your business and explore new avenues of growth.

Industries We Support

Over the years, we have helped clients across a wide range of industries with their Kerrville small business accounting needs. We have helped companies in areas such as:


In the construction industry, it's vital to have software that tracks your company's current projects so that you don't get underpaid or lose money. We can find a system for you that tracks the income and expenses of each job you're working. You can keep an eye on the costs of materials, your project's status, and whether you've been fairly compensated for your labor. Whether you charge by the hour or upon completion, we can help you manage your projects with efficiency and ease. Our team can also clean up your accounts, so you know where you stand financially at any given moment.

When you're buying and selling property, it can be easy to lose control of your financial situation. We can help you track properties and the hierarchy of your portfolio. If you're a multi-entity corporation, we can provide the additional accounting structures that you need to manage your accounts. Our CPAs can help you stay aware of fixed assets, depreciation opportunities, and cost segregation. We can also assist you with 1031 exchanges.

When it comes to retail, it's vital to have a near-perfect system in place for inventory, cost tracking, and managing individual sales. We help you find a way to keep up with sales at the product level and provide cost tracking analysis. Accurate accounting can help you become more aware of your customers' needs and tendencies. You can then tailor your approach to best fit your unique market.

Advanced Accounting to Grow Your Business

At Douville Goldman & Herod PLLC, we enjoy getting to know you and your team on a personal level. We consistently strive to exceed your expectations as we work towards your success. Contact us at our Kerrville office today so we can begin working with you!

Call: (830) 257-3112 Book a Consultation

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